Tips and Tricks for Improving Battery Life of the HTC Hero

Smartphone’s these days offer a trustworthy ton of functionality, sadly i must say those functions often occur with a big drawback, they drain most cellular phone batteries at very helpful rates. The HTC Idol is no exception with regard to the battery drain problem, luckily it’s a very easy fix if few tips are followed.

Disable the “Always On” Data Option – Amazingly, instead of having your contact always searching for information you can just shift the data on it is far more need it. From that home screen hit Choices > Mobile network and also then turn it at a distance. This will single handedly stay the biggest energy saver, since your phone could be described as no longer constantly attempting to find for information.wireless networks. Remember note you don’t have to to turn off some of the GPS checkbox since Gps system only operates in association with the GPS programs that access it.

Turn Off the Water Widget This is a meaningful function that constantly draws in data, which during turn drains battery entire life. Turn this function off with doing the following: Menus > All Programs > Weather then choose our Menu option from with regard to the Weather program with choose Setting where anyone can disable Update Straight away. Now you can just sketch Weather information in when you like it, not constantly.

Set Your Other Fixed Update Apps to All the way down Update Frequencies – There is no menu to navigate here, it depends on its applications you’re using. For instance you could set all the Facebook app to no more than update once an hours rather than every a few minutes. The main point is simple, you must use the least amount of web data possible to help shrink battery strain. Nitecore Charger is to set each will to manually update when you ask.

Use the Task -panel and Shut Down Programs – Sure the The new htc Hero can run 100 apps at one days without many issues, yet still every application that remnants open is using precessing power, which in flip is draining your light box’s battery. Exit applications you just aren’t using to save life of the battery. You can see what is running out of your home screen by hitting Plan > Settings > Software pacakages > Manage Applications soon after which it tap the Running bill at the top. If you notice anything that shouldn’t you ought to be running then tap about it and select Force block. Be careful here though, some apps will take a moment to restart themselves anyway but best to pick games or apps you are sure that don’t need to find yourself running.

Turn Down Phone display Brightness – About the Hero Launcher head over to Screen & Fastener > Screen > Brightness. You should be able to drag the sunshine down slightly to bring down battery life. This is certainly a personal desires option, if income like a brilliant bright screen youll want to switch it down because the exact factory settings may offer a blaring brightness.